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Megan Gallagher

I absolutely loved this course from beginning to end. I travelled from Donegal to Dublin and back every Sunday while working full time and it was more than worth it. Sharleen herself is a wonderful tutor, as are each of the lovely ladies she has working alongside her. I honestly could not recommend this course enough to anyone, I enjoyed every second of it. I’m sad to be finished, but delighted to be qualified.

Aoife Walshe

I can’t thank sharleen enough for running an amazing course. I still can’t believe that’s it all over now. The course was run so efficiently with so many amazing tutors, really giving you the best of all. Sharleen was fantastic and so understanding of working situations which made life that little bit less stressful. She was absolutely amazing and I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to work in the make up industry, or like myself doing it for me. Xx

Jodi May

Just finished a 3 month course with Sharleen. I loved every second of it! Thank you so much sharleen and all the other amazing tutors for teaching me so many new skills and building up my confidence with make up. If you’re thinking of becoming a makeup artist or even building on the skills you have this is the place to go!

Siobhan Perrin-Madden

Sharleen has been a fantastic teacher. I am just finishing up a 3 month course where my make up application has come on leaps and bounds. Sharleen’s direct approach has helped me so much. The class is fun yet you learn everything you need to know. When I was struggling with anything she would ensure I got a workshop or loads of practice in that area. I was initially only doing the course to improve my own make up application but I have become so good I now want a career in make up. Thanks Sharleen! x

Stacy Gehan

Literally just finished the 12 week course… what an amazing experience. I enjoyed every aspect of the course. The tutors are so knowledgeable and the content is so relevant. I am so glad I chose Sharleen’s academy to train…great training and amazing atmosphere.

Ellie Muntean

I am just finished up a 3 month course and I have to say I loved every minute of it, Sharleen has been a fantastic teacher. She helped me so much when I was struggling with everything. Such a kind person and helpful. I would recommend her course to all my friends. Thank you so much for all your help and support. Xx

Aoife Nolan

Just finished up my course in the academy and I have to say that I cannot recommend Sharleen and her academy enough to absolutely everyone the improvement in my skill and knowledge of makeup has come on leaps and bounds! I’m only devastated that such an amazing experience is now over. Gals and guys if you’re looking to become a makeup artist I am telling you to go to the academy, not only will you improve in your skills you will meet some amazing people along the way and have loads of new opportunities opened for you! So finally with this post I want to thank Sharleen for always making each class so amazing from the demos to the tutors, and also to the atmosphere she creates- she is genuinely one of a kind and you will learn so much with her!

Laura Sweeney

Hi, My name is Laura Sweeney and I am 18 years old! I am a past student of Sharleen Collins Academy & now a fully qualified makeup artist!

I was due to start a make up course at another college which was cancelled last minute with no notice. So after many tears and I contacted Sharleen Collins Academy by email . The academy was so helpful and they provided me with a solution by allowing me to start straight away! I know now that I was meant to attend Sharleen Collins Academy!

We started the course by learning all the basics in makeup from day and evening looks to Bridal & Celebrity inspired looks. We then covered different topics from Glam, Festival makeup, High Fashion, SFX, Bodypaint, Kim Kardashion & Kylie Jenner inspired and many more!

I grew so much as an artist in my time here and Sharleen Collins Academy offered me an opportunity that I would not have experienced elsewhere. I am a very creative person and I was given every chance possible to develop this skill.I absolutely loved the loved the sfx and body paint classes, they were so creative and fun! My favourite classes were definitely the glam classes! For me, turning someone into an even more fabulous version of themselves is my favourite thing to do.

Sharleen Collins Academy offers so many masterclasses during your course in top international brands like Mac and Inglot! This was so helpful as it gives you a feel for the industry and what it’s like to work on counter.

The Inglot masterclass was so helpful teaching us all about cut creases, spotlight eyes and blown out looks! The MAC masterclass gave us all a behind the scenes insight into what trends were coming up in the following season and what the top makeup artists were doing at Fashion week!

The tutors and educators are absolutely amazing as they offer so much guidance. It makes the experience of the course so much better when you are learning from the best in the industry.
Every month we had a review where we were taken into the boardroom and Sharleen sat down with us personally and went through all our strengths so far and asked us what we were struggling on. This was so helpful because the tutors were aware of this and gave us all help on a one to one basis on how to improve on it!
Sharleen offers a business seminar which provides training and guidance when it comes to interviews for Jobs. They go through our CV’s and portfolios. They also tell us all about taxes and insurance as well as how to market yourself as a brand which was so helpful!

During my course I had the amazing opportunity of doing a professional photo shoot in the Irish Mail on Sunday with LOVE/HATE star, Mary Murray for her new play. This was an unreal experience and has influenced my hopes for the future as a makeup artist. It was such an amazing experience as I got to see first hand what it was like to be on the set of a professional photo shoot!

I have huge goals set for myself as an artist. In 5 years I hope to be working at London fashion week with the top brands, working on the west end and taking part in editorial and tv work. Before my time at Sharleen’s Academy this all seemed like dreams but now it is my goal and ambition. I had the best experience at Sharleen Collins Academy and I can’t thank Sharleen and the tutors enough! I have learned so much, I feel so confident in my work and I know I have chosen the right career for me.

Shauna Bottone

Hi! My name is Shauna Bottone and I am a past student of Sharleen Collins Academy! I am now a fully qualified makeup artist!

From day one in our course, Sharleen Collins Academy kept us completely informed and up to date with the world of beauty & makeup! From then on in each individual in our group improved leaps and bounds week after week!

Throughout our course we got to attend masterclasses with different brands which was amazing. The fact that the theme of each masterclass was different was such a great hep because it really showed us an insight of what it would be like to be working in the industry and the realisation that it is non stop and constantly changing. It was great to see all the different trends at the moment and also how different brands interpreted those trends. I know myself, it done wonders for not only my makeup but my confidence as well!

Our weaknesses then became our strong points as Sharleen and her team of educators & trainers helped us tackle everything head on each week! Once a month we sat down with Sharleen upstairs in the boardroom for a one to one review. This was so helpful as I felt a lot more comfortable talking about what I was struggling with in private with Sharleen. Sharleen then made sure that my educators were aware of this and they helped me week on week until I finally mastered my weakness and it was no longer something I struggled with!

There are so many other elements to the courses at Sharleen Collins Academy other than makeup! We also had ITEC classes throughout our courses which were so important in helping us prepare for our exam. Our educators went through our exam process step by step and were so helpful throughout the course answering any questions we may have and helping us with our case studies and portfolios to ensure we all passed!

We also had a business seminar where we learned all about the business side of being a makeup artist. Our trainers went through our social media first which is so important when your starting off in the industry. They shared so many helpful tips on what content we should be posting and also when to post to ensure we get the most engagement out of our posts!

They also went through interview techniques and helped with our CV’s which was so helpful! They told us all about how to tax and insure ourselves as well if we wanted to become freelance artists!

I am now self a employed makeup artist and also working from a salon where I meet amazing people every day!

I couldn’t recommend the ITEC Makeup Course at Sharleen Collins Academy enough because I don’t think I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for the tutors, educators and Sharleen herself throughout my course!

Jodi May

Hi! My name is Jodi May and I completed the ITEC Makeup course in Sharleen Collins Academy.

I always wanted to be a makeup artist. From an early age I loved experimenting with different looks and spent hours watching you tube tutorials from some of the best bloggers in the business. There are so many courses on offer that I was quite overwhelmed when it came to making a decision. I put it off for awhile then one day came across The Sharleen Collins Academy and just knew this was the course for me!

Walking into the Studio I got the feeling of what being a professional makeup artist felt like. It is so well laid out. The studios are stunning and all white which is perfect for photos! Sharleen also has LED lighting and a ring light which made our pictures during class amazing! Each student has their own station to set up and work from. This really helps prepare you for the working world as it’s so important to be well prepared and have all your products ready to go. I was quite nervous starting the class as I’m a shy person. I thought I’d just lay low and blend into the background but thats impossible! Each course only takes a limited which means you cant hide down the back of the class! This also means the tutors get to go around the class on a one to one basis as well as teaching us as a group.

All students practice on each other which is a fantastic way to learn. Criticism is always constructive; I never felt out of my depth or insecure. Sharleen has her students best interest at heart and takes the time to find out what direction you want to take on finishing the course. Her advice is invaluable and she really gave me the confidence to go for it!

I loved all the different tutors and educators who came in to do masterclasses and teach us during the course. They really are the best in the business and also tell you about the do’s and font’s of the industry as well as teaching us which was amazing! They really gave us 110% throughout our course! We got to go out to a Mac and Inglot Pro store to learn from other artists. Not only did my makeup skills improve from being part of the academy so did my confidence.

When I finished my course, Sharleen still kept in touch and is always available to answer questions and give advice. I was also put on the list for the PRO TEAM which means I was still given work experience opportunities after I finished the course as well as during my course! The opportunities I have had since leaving include working along side Paula Mcglyn doing SFX makeup for a Halloween event. I also worked doing makeup for the Girl Crew App launch party.

When I graduated from Sharleen Collins Academy I went to work in Brown Thomas, but I’m now focusing on my makeup/fashion blog. Joining the Sharleen Collins Academy Family was the Best decision I’ve ever made for my career.

Erin Mannion

Hi! My name is Erin Mannion and I completed the ITEC Makeup course in Sharleen Collins Academy.

Before I started at Sharleen Collins Academy, I was the girl that spent 99% of her free time watching Youtube tutorials and stalking Instagram, wishing I could be like them girls! Thats when I decided I wanted to become a makeup artist.

I had done a lot of research on what college I wanted to attend and after seeing Sharleen Collins Academy on Instagram, it was like a lightbulb moment! Thats the place I wanted to be.

I emailed Sharleen Collins and got a call back straight away! From that moment on Sharleen couldn’t have been any more supporting and helpful. A few weeks after that first phone call, I started in Sharleen Collins Academy with the most amazing bunch of girls!

The whole experience exceeded my expectations massively. The academy itself is like nothing I had ever seen before. Its the most perfect environment to learn. Bright, White & Classy! This was brilliant for photos during class as well as our photoshoots. Everything just has a clean polished ”Instagram look”.

Sharleen was there the whole time through our course mentoring us and helping us on anything we were struggling with, without letting it be known to the rest of the class. The reviews helped me so much as I felt when I mentioned something I was struggling on, Sharleen made sure I was 100% confident with it b y the next review. I was constantly progressing.

The educators and tutors we had were second to none. I had a bit of a fan girl moment when I realised Robyn & Laura were going to be teaching and mentoring us throughout the course as I have followed them both on Instagram for a long time and love their style of makeup. Sharleen really does get the best of the best in the industry to teach whatever topic they excel at.

One of my favourite parts of the course was the professional photoshoot! It was an amazing learning experience as I got to see what its really like behind the scenes at a photoshoot! Its a lot more than just applying makeup, you have to be aware of your timing, stick to the brief and work with photographers and stylists. The experience that I had on the photoshoot has actually given me a passion and drive to pursue this side of the makeup industry further!

My time at Sharleen Collins Academy flew in & I wish I could go back & do it all again!

Honestly, if anyone is considering pursuing their dream of becoming a professional makeup artist I could not recommend anywhere else! I promise, you won’t regret it. You really do have a mentor for life with Sharleen and she honestly has everyones best interests at heart and will continue to guide you and help you not only throughout your course but after you finish also!

Cliodhna Goodrich

Hi! My name is Cliodhna Goodrich and I am a current student in Sharleen Collins Academy studying the ITEC Makeup Course.

I am over halfway through my course in the academy and I am absolutely loving it! Makeup was always something I had thought about and wanted to pursue but never actually did until I came across the Sharleen Collins Academy. Once I seen the academy, I knew immediately that I had to sign up! I have learnt so many new skills in the time I have been here already! Sharleen course has so many amazing topics like Bridal, Festival makeup, Glam makeup and even SFX & body painting!

We have different educators and trainers each week which really helps us to get different tips & tricks from top artists in the industry! It also helps us see a lot of different styles of doing makeup as well as each person has their own way of doing something so its really good to practice different techniques and see which one suits me best!

We also have had masterclasses in top brands like MAC & INGLOT which was amazing! We also got student discount cards for these brands which is so helpful when were building our kits! All the girls in my course are so nice and the tutors and educators really go out of their way to help and support us all through the course!

I know I have made the right decision in signing up to the Sharleen Collins Academy. I really couldn’t recommend the academy enough to anyone who is thinking about studying makeup and building a career out of it! I honestly can’t wait to graduate and see where this takes me in the future!

Andrea Coyle

Hi! My name is Andrea Coyle and I am a current student in Sharleen Collins Academy studying the ITEC Makeup Course.

I started Sharleen Collins academy in February 2018 after a recent change in my life. It started when I had emailed the academy enquiring about the courses they provided. Sharleen then rang me straight away telling my all the amazing things the academy has to offfer and I was so eager to start!

From day one Sharleen has been so nice and helpful, and is always only a phonecall away! We started the course by learning all the basics such as colour matching foundations, how to apply mascara without getting it everywhere and the dreaded wing liner! From then, step by step I began to build my skills into finally being able to do a full look that didnt take 3 hours to complete! This took a lot of practise and dedication to making sure it was perfect! From there, we then continued to focus on all the fundamental looks you need to know in order to become a makeup artist including Natural & Glam looks, Bridal, Festival, Vintage, Kim Kardashian inspired, Kylie Jenner inspired, Body painting and Special Effects Makeup.

Each week we were helped along through the modules with Sharleen and her amazing team of makeup artists, educators and tutors in preparation for our exam! We then had our pre assessments and then a few weeks later a mock exam. This was so helpful for us all in preparation of the real ITEC examination. It really gave us an insight on what to expect and also gave us the opportunity to see our strengths and weaknesses and fix where we went wrong and practice and study more efficiently.

During our course each month we had a one on one review with Sharleen upstairs in the boardroom. The one to one help with Sharleen really enables you to focus on your weaknesses and build on your strengths more. This is totally confidential too so this was a big relief!

I am now almost finished my course in Sharleen Collins Academy and to say I will miss it is an understatement! The friends I have met, the amount of opportunities and life experiences I have received so far such as one to one Inglot workshops, Mac masterclasses, an opportunity to work at the beauty show in the RDS this year and my own photo-shoot with not another agency, I will never forget.

I am just weeks away from finishing and I have already been offered job opportunities thanks to the hard work and amazing training I have received at Sharleen Collins Academy. This is an exciting start to a new life for me and its all thanks to this course!

Marlena Karkosa

Delighted to say that I have graduated from Sharleen Collins Academy and passed my ITEC Exams! This has now made me a fully qualified makeup artist! I can’t thank Sharleen and all the tutors & educators that I worked with enough for always inspiring me. It was so great to work with them all and learning everything from them. They are all so talented and know everything there is to know about the makeup industry!

Edel O Shea

I am so delighted to announce that I am now setting up my own beauty business! Thank you so so so much Sharleen & all the tutors and educators at Sharleen Collins Academy for helping me make my dreams come true! Sharleen, thank you for being an inspiration and staying true to you and being honest.

Sarah Power

How blessed am I to have walked away from the most incredible thing that I have ever done with such an amazing qualification. The Sharleen Collins Academy in my opinion is the absolute dream for any aspiring makeup artist and I couldn’t recommend Sharleen and her academy enough! Sharleen is there through thick and thin and really puts her heart in to each and every student. Both Sharleen and her amazing team of educators & trainers have taught me the most amazing skills and I have made memories to last a life time. To all the girls that I trained with – you are all incredibly talented and I wish you all every bit of luck going forward. I still miss my Friday’s in Dublin with the most amazing girls but its onwards and upwards from here!

Amy Power

After attending Sharleen Collins Academy, I am now a fully qualified professional makeup artist. Words can not describe how happy I am! I would not be where I am today if it was not for Sharleen and all her amazing tutors & educators at the Academy. They were just amazing and so supportive! What an experience with a great bunch of girls!

Emma Mahon

I have recently just finished a three month course in Sharleen Collins Academy and I honestly could not recommend the academy enough! Every week the classes were something new and exciting. I had so much fun and got to lear from so many amazing makeup artists. I can’t thank Sharleen enough for everything she has done for me. Not only is Sharleen an amazing makeup artist and tutor, she is also an unbelievably hard working and kind person. She really offered me an unlimited amount of of help & support throughout the whole course. She really does go above and beyond to help all her students to become successful makeup artists. Thank you so much Sharleen Collins Academy!

Emma Smith

I had the most amazing 12 weeks at Sharleen Collin s Academy with an incredible bunch of girls. It would not have been the same with out them all so thank you! I would also like to thank Sharleen and the academy for giving me the most amazing opportunity to excel in something that I really love doing. I couldn’t recommend Sharleen Collins Academy enough! The academy is so clean and welcoming and I really loved going in to class every week. And to all the tutors & educators throughout the course, thank you so much for all the tips and tricks you gave us along the way! Best of luck to anyone who is starting in Sharleen Collins Academy this year, you will not regret it. Enjoy the time you have in there because it goes by so fast and I am so sad it is over for me but I am also really excited to see whats next for me!