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Lash & Brow Course (in studio and online)

Brow Lamination is a new treatment that realigns brow hairs and creates a new shape adding fullness and definition to the brow! It is also a nourishing, moisturizing treatment that allows you to restore shine and add volume to eyebrows.

The Lash lift treatment is the new innovation in lash treatments. It uses a simple, safe and effective procedure. They thicken and lengthen the lashes with immediate results that last for up to one month!

Lash & Brow course – Sharleen Collins Academy

Topics covered on the day:

  • Brow Theory
  • Lash Theory
  • Brow Mapping
  • Brow Wax
  • Brow Shape
  • Brow Tint
  • Brow Lamination
  • Lip Wax
  • Chin Wax
  • Brow Trimming and Grooming
  • Lash Tint
  • Lash Lamination

Upon completion of this course you will receive a Certificate in Brow Lamination and a Certificate in Lash Lift! You will also receive an online course sent to you in an email with videos on Lash and Brow training! As well as this you will also receive a wishlist, product recommendation and a step by step breakdown of the course!

Students will need to bring their own models to work on and ensure their models do not have any permanent makeup, brows or lashes. Two models will be required for the Lash lift & Brow Lamination course.

Please read over our list of criteria before booking your course and arriving at the studio. A non disclosure will need to be signed and sent back to us 48 hours before you arrive at your course. You can book this course online at a day / time that suits you!

390 EURO

Limited availability! Please contact the studio to secure your date!

Enjoy and best of luck on your Brow and Lash Course!


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