Course duration

  1. Monday: 10am – 2pm / 4pm – 8pm
  2. Tuesday: 10am – 2pm / 4pm – 8pm
  3. Wednesday: 10am -2pm / 4pm – 8pm
  4. Thursday: 10am – 2pm / 4pm – 8pm
  5. Friday: /
  6. Saturday: /
  7. Sunday: 9am-1pm / 2pm- 6pm


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Luxury Masterclass at Sharleen Collins Academy

Touch Up on your Glam Makeup Skills with this Luxury Premium Masterclass at Sharleen Collins Academy tailored for anyone at all, young or mature. This Glam Masterclasses is done by Celeb Makeup Artists Sharleen Collins and focuses on Glam Makeup. If you want to up-skill your day-to-day makeup or perfect your Saturday Night out look, this is the perfect Masterclass for you.

This 1-Day Luxury Masterclass is four hours long. Choose from Two Masterclass Options. Choose Saturday Morning: 9am – 1pm or Saturday Evening: 3pm – 7pm.

The price of this Exclusive Glam Masterclass is €100. There is Limited Availability so ensure you pay your €50 Deposit to Secure your Place Now !

Included in your Luxury Masterclass is

  • Certificate in Makeup Artistry from Sharleen Collins Academy
  • Free Professional Luxury Brush Set Worth Over €250!
  • Hygiene and Skincare Provided for the day
  • Free Face Charts Provided
  • Free Demo Worksheet Provided
  • Students must bring along your own makeup bag / kit on the day!

Topics Covered:

  • Industry Tips and Tricks
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Skin
  • Strobing
  • Perfecting Colour Match
  • Concealer
  • Contour / Highlight / Blush
  • Perfecting Brows (Brow Workshop)
  • Blending of Shadows
  • Perfecting Liner (Liner Workshop)
  • Perfecting Strip Lashes and Individual Lashes (Lash Workshop)
  • Lip Combo
  • Free Industry Demo Video from Sharleen Collins

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pay now and save €100

  • In-House Diploma from Sharleen Collins Academy
  • FREE Professional luxury brush set
  • Sharleen Collins Academy jumper
  • Small class sizes
  • Guidance throughout course
  • Student review
  • Coach calls weekly
  • Top Trainers
  • Payment plans
  • FREE Social Media talk
  • Kit talk
  • FREE PRO Team
  • FREE Business Seminar




pay now and save €500

  • ITEC Internationally Recognised Certificate
  • In – House diploma from Sharleen Collins Academy
  • Pre – assessments
  • Mocks
  • ITEC Examination
  • FREE Professional luxury brush set
  • Sharleen Collins Academy jumper
  • Coach calls weekly
  • Student reviews once a month
  • Small class sizes
  • Top Trainers and Educators
  • Payment plans
  • FREE Business seminar
  • FREE Social media talk
  • Kit talk
  • Guidance throughout course
  • FREE Student programmes at the end of your course
  • FREE Complimentary photoshoot with leading industry photographer (Professionally Edited Images; Four Optional Looks)
  • FREE Videos weekly
  • FREE Open Door policy (Photoshoot and Exam Repeats not included)
  • FREE PRO Team

To secure your place, you must make a €500 deposit (Please note deposits are non refundable)