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Bonus Package – Sharleen Collins academy

This is a luxury bonus package from Sharleen Collins Academy which includes amazing editable templates to help our students gain a sense of professionalism in the industry! These templates will include elements such as the layout of an invoice and what your social media will look like to name but a few!

This is the ultimate bible for all makeup artists working in the industry as they can always have it to refer back to whenever they need it! The aim of this Bonus Package is to help all makeup artists grow globally!

This gives you the perfect opportunity to manage your admin so you can focus on being creative. This is an amazing asset for all makeup artists whether you are just starting out or are already established!


  • Face chart
  • Income sheet tracker
  • Health / medical questionnaire
  • Late payment letter
  • Forms
  • Identify skin type form
  • Social media consent form
  • Makeup kit checklist
  • Invoice template
  • Over 100 discounts to apply for (this is not actual discounts just how to apply for these)
  • Interview prep
  • Instagram checklist
  • Monthly content calendar
  • Social media planning
  • Giveaway plan
  • Tik tok content plan
  • Instagram content plan
  • Youtube content plan
  • Hashtags
  • Social media posting plan 

30 Days of Content Brief

When you have a solid creation strategy, you’re finally going to be able to show up on social media with confidence and real value to your followers.

But first, you must know the tools to help make this work best for you:

  • Unlock new client & job opportunities.
  • Become an expert in your field
  • Get more relevant exposure
  • Increase revenue and more sales to your business


This is not actual discounts, it is how to go about applying for discounts with different brands.

We have compiled a list of over 100 quality brands that offer professional discounts to makeup artists, those working in the industry and makeup students. These brands range from UK, USA, EUROPE and IRELAND.

You will be able to access information on how to join a brands PRO programme, access to information on the brand, how much of a discount you will get from each brand and what countries they are available to! This is perfect for any makeup artist or student who is looking to stock up their kits while saving money!

Please note that Sharleen Collins Academy is not responsible for your application to each brand programme. Makeup artists and students accepted onto each brand programme is at the brands discretion.

100 EURO

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